Sunday, June 24, 2012

Heritage Sabah move to Wordpress

Heritage Sabah Blog in blogspot started more than a year ago. Exactly, on 15th September 2010. It is important as the main source for all the Save our Heritage Atkinson Clock Tower effort to protest the 16 storey building next to it.

Time has passed and more have we learned on the process of making sure the historical significant of this city preserved and protected. There are many new challenges ahead for this group or so we may now proudly known as the Heritage Sabah Society that officially registered under Register of Society Sabah on 17th of April 2012.

The reason to move this blog to wordpress is not easy, but this up step to the society need a more formal and professional appearance to be able to meet the future demand of providing information about the society work and effort.

With that a wordpress is the next new platform to host this new phase of this movement. Please do click the address below to go to the new site.

There are still lots of things to do on the new site. Hope you all bare with us of the unexpected changes on layout and others. We will try to make it less obvious for your convenience.



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